Since 2002, KeepTrack has been providing clients with digital solutions that create the backbone of their business. Through fast and secure on-boarding, KeepTrack helps take swim school businesses to the forefront of their industry. Through reliable and efficient technology, KeepTrack empowers clients to achieve their full business intelligence potential.

While others follow, KeepTrack leads.

An evolving answer to a problem brought to the attention of COO, Johan Faerch, in the late 1990’s, KeepTrack became one of the first providers of cloud based solutions in the world. A desire to provide business owners with a more efficient way to run their business has pushed KeepTrack to innovate administrative system solutions that are simultaneously robust and easy-to-manage.

Today, with all of its first clients still customers, KeepTrack continues to offer business solutions that provide:

  • Responsive online booking compatible with any current device
  • Extremely fast task-handling user interfaces and procedures for end users and superusers
  • Booking capabilities that can handle thousands of live users simultaneously
  • Live data for reporting and business intelligence
  • Innovative technology for customers across Europe and the United States in 9 different languages

Led by a diverse team across Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, KeepTrack continues to be the industry innovator, providing smart, streamlined solutions that focus on getting the results and data business leaders need for serious, successful results.


Software Engineer

Johan Faerch

Software Engineer

R&D Manager

A. Schroder

R&D Manager


Auguste Færch

Support Manager


Nicola A.d Mauer


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