In the late 1990's Johan was approached by frustrated swim-school owners who believed there should be a more efficient way to manage the administrative parts of their business.
During a 12 month tour to Afghanistan in 2000-2001 Johan spent the late nights writing code for a new administrative system. It was client based and written in Microsoft SQL.

This solution was implemented live in a swim-school fall 2001 and even if this solved a lot of administrative problems and the swim-school owner and administration was thrilled Johan soon realized that the initial technical choices for the system wasn't flexible and robust enough and that a single person cannot build proper IT solutions with this kind of complexity.

2002 a team of programmers led by Søren and Johan started developing what would become one of the first cloud based solutions in the world. It was built with open source software and based almost entirely on open standards in order to fulfill three main purposes

  • Accessible from any Internet connected device/computer (cloud based)
  • Robust and flexible code base to ensure agile development, fast and secure handling, and future upgrades
  • Open standards to ensure data communication with third party systems, even in the future

(By the way it may not sound that strange today but it's not easy to explain to customers what a cloud based solution is 4-8 years before the cloud was ever 'invented' ;)

After two years of development this new solution went live and replaced the initial system for testing and further development. Version 1.0 was a big upgrade and a huge benefit for the swim-school who ran this for the coming two years from 2004 to 2006.
During this time the tech team rewrote a lot of the code mainly in order to improve UX and administrative procedures for the swim-school. 2006 KeepTrack GmbH was founded and version 2.0 went live and commercial on the Nordic market. Our first customers from 2006 are all still with us today which is one of our biggest indicators that we got things right and built a great solution for swim-schools and other businesses handling courses for groups or individuals.

Today we are proud to be market leaders on a lot of areas where some are as follows

  • Online booking is 100% responsive and works on virtually any modern device
  • The user interface and procedures for handling tasks are extremely fast for end users and superusers alike
  • The online booking can handle thousands of simultaneous users live (without the need for a queuing system)
  • Business Intelligence and reporting is highly advanced and is presented with live data
  • We have customers all over Europe and the US and can serve the solution in so far 9 different languages

Our main focus back in 2002 is still the same today

Speed • Overview • Security

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