Short answer: Very!

We will be fully compliant with the GDPR when it comes into affect in May 2018

The KeepTrack database is located on a redundant ("double") server at a professional operator with redundant Internet connection and back-up of the entire database once every 24 hours.

KeepTrack uses https/encryption


On most websites you have an address like This type (http) of connection kan be intercepted by someone with the technical knowledge and interest of doing so.

If you want a much higher level of security (and you do!) you use the address (note the extra "s" in https) to connect to your database (this happens automatically when you just enter '' in your browser). Now all your data is encrypted, including passwords, when they are sent back and forth between your PC and the server. We have not seen any downsides to using https, neither in speed nor in function.