There is a lot of data available to assist you in your company's strategic development

Key Figures

1) Admin-'Key Figures'

  • The number of new members (people) during the period
  • The number of new registrations (bookings on an activity) during the period
  • The number of active members (people)
  • The outstanding balance (customers owe the company)

2) Reports-General

  • 'Activity group overview and statistics, details' you'll find the total number of registrations and available slots (can show you how well you are utilizing your facilities/resources)

3) Reports-Finance

  • 'Activity and group payment' gives you the actual cash-flow/revenue for the company and the different facilities
  • 'Registrations/Withdrawals' shows you how your customers have registered on activities ('Auto' and 'Online' are automatic and self-service and all other ways, including no specified way noted, are registrations handled by customer service manually)
  • 'Attendance' shows you the attendance numbers on company and group level

4) Reports-HR

  • 'Instructor Type Hours' shows the total amount of instructor hours for the company and the distribution per instructor type during the chosen period and furthermore, the same figures for all individual instructors. Here you can easily find your company's sickness or absence rate.
  • 'Retention rate' shows the number and percentage of members during period 1 who is also a member during period 2. The numbers are shown for the entire company, for individual facilities and for the individual instructors with the chosen instructor type. We recommend using 12 month periods

Apart from that we recommend this book on Amazon where you will find more examples on areas and figures to utilize for your company's strategic development.