Your 'Timetable' is showing ongoing lessons live, it's automated and once it's setup it just runs 24/7. It must be ordered at Support.

Timetable Monitor

Timetable for facility

Your timetable is located at https://(database name) no.) (Eg. This displays all the lessons in the listed facility for the coming 48 hours.


Timetable for areas

Planned 2019

Suggested hardware

In order to utilize your timetable in the best way possible we suggest you use as big a monitor as you can afford. Further more you want the system to be automated and stable which is why we recommend some form of Linux box. The cheapest is to buy a small Chromebook/Chromebox. Both suggestions below will start up your system directly in full screen timetable without login or any other use of a HID like mouse or keyboard.

Or see this professional solution which is free up to 5 units.

Setting up an automated Linux box

Use a small Linux box with a browser and Internet connection. The timetable (browser) takes very few resources. For stability reasons it's preferred to use a cabled Internet connection over WiFi.
Make sure you use an account with auto-login in order to automate restarts.

Open 'Startup Applications' in Ubuntu or the equivalent in other distros. Insert the following line where the web address is formatted like above
google-chrome --kiosk --incognito --new-window https://(database name) no.)

You can even get more features by specifying the area. Insert the following line where the web address is formatted like above
google-chrome --kiosk --incognito --new-window https://(database name) no.)/(Area no.),(Area no.),(Area no.)

Setting up an automated Chromebook

We prefer the Chromestick as it is cheap and plugs right into the monitor but as it is very small and with passive cooling it can sometimes fail in hot environments.

chromebit 4asus chromebit 13

Since you are trying to setup the Kiosk App to auto launch, you must first put the Chromebook into Kiosk mode. Set it up as follows.

We prefer the 'Kiosk' app
Selection 258

  1. Wipe Data on Chromebook (
  2. After wipe is completed, you will be at the welcome screen. (Input your network information, but DO NOT LOGIN to the Chromebook)
  3. At the login screen, press CTRL+ALT+K and enable Kiosk mode.
  4. Login into the Chromebook
  5. Open a new tab in Chrome, and enter chrome://extensions in the address bar (also known as the omnibox). Click enter.
  6. Check the box next to Developer Mode.
  7. Click Add kiosk application, and enter the ID of the Kiosk App you'd like to enable.
  8. Highlight the Kiosk App and select "auto launch"
  9. Press Enter or click Done.
  10. If you want to change the rotation of the monitor (ie running in vertical mode) do it now through display settings under Chrome OS. The rotation you choose will stick on reboots.
  11. Reboot and when asked, enable app for Kiosk mode
  12. Insert the desired URL and other settings (remember the username and password you choose ;)
  13. Now the app will auto launch each time you reboot.

Exit to kiosk admin

In order to get back to the kiosk admin interface press Ctrl+a

To Turn off Kiosk Mode

Begin by rebooting the Chromebook. While the device is starting up, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S to interrupt the process and return to the login screen/Chrome OS.