Mandatory settings

  • PNG Format (if you have jpg images just rename the suffix to 'png')
  • Size 200x200px exactly
  • Naming convention: [instructorID].png
  • Black and white images

To avoid e-mail clients messing up the images please send in ZIP-file

Making the images

In any photo editing software first crop and resize your images to the exact size 200x200px (200px wide, 200px high), change the mode to grayscale and save it in the 'PNG' or 'JPG' format.
The name of the file must be exactly "instructorID.png" (note the 'png' suffix even if you have jpg format!) where "instructorID" is the instructor number from your KeepTrack database in digits (ie "17502"). 'png' is written in lowercase letters (ie 17502.png).
Send these images to KeepTrack Support compressed in a zip-file and we will facilitate the upload.
If you want to show a default image (placeholder) when there is no image for the instructor you can make a generic image like described but with the exact file name "photo.png".

Formatting the images according to the above settings can be done by a skilled person in a matter of seconds for each image. If you don't know how to do this we recommend you hire a pro to get the best results.


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