Merchant service provider and an acquirer

You need a contract with a merchant service provider and an acquirer for handling your credit card transactions. When you have that you contact Support with information on this account in order for us to implement your solution.

The service provider integrated in KeepTrack is QuickPay and you should choose the 'Professional' account for best price and all functions.

You even need a contract with an acquirer. We recommend Clearhaus who supports VISA, Maestro and MasterCard and which is already integrated in KeepTrack.
You apply directly via the links provided here and just click the link "Apply for an agreement" to get started.

Handling your money

You have your own contract with QuickPay and Clearhaus and all financial transactions are handled directly between you and these service providers. KeepTrack GmbH has no handling of your money transactions - Only the information regarding payments (who has paid, when and how much).

The costs for QuickPay and Clearhaus are not included in your KeepTrack service.


Please note the following

  • All payments are registered in real time directly in KeepTrack
  • Payments are easily handled both online and via your administration
  • Your customers can handle their credit cards and payments directly in their own account
  • Your staff can handle credit cards and payments via their super-user account
My Payments

For US customers we have integration to via FattMerchant where we have very competitive agreements for you as a merchant.

Contact Support if you wish to implement in your online booking


You even have the option of implementing PayPal as your merchant service provider but please note that this solution is far from as user friendly.

Contact Support if you wish to implement PayPal in your online booking