At the adress[databasenavn]/ you find the login for controlling attendance for your participants.
In this tool you will find information on participants in connection with a specific activity but even be able to handle attendance and participants skill level.

Attendance loginThe login page is your security. Only authorized users can access data. Punch in your PIN code and hit "OK".

Attendance areaChoose the relevant facility and area (area is not mandatory) and hit "OK".

Attendance activityChoose the relevant activity and hit "OK".
The "Back" button brings you back to choose a different area. The system automatically shows the nearest lesson according to date and time.

Attendance participantsThis is the main page showing all participants in the chosen activity and with a lot of information built in.

  • At the top you can easily jump back and forth to the adjacent lessons.
  • Under the buttons are shown the data for the active lesson
  • The squares to the left are live and this is where you can toggle the persons attendance for this specific lesson.
  • The participant names show you several things:
    • The top names are the actual participants.
    • Names in blue text indicate that they have not been given a system comment.
    • Names in green indicate they have been given a system comment which is mainly used to handle upcoming terms.
    • The bottom names (if any) in gray text and marked with a '(V)' show persons on waiting list for this acticity.
    • In front of each name is an interactive field where you mark attendance for this particular lesson.
    • After each name is stated the persons age at the start of the activity (if the birthdate is registered), the outstanding balance (if not zero) and the payers mobile number.
    • The boxes to the right indicate attendance for earlier lessons on this activity. This is truncated at more than 10 lessons.
    • NewParticipant in front of the name the person has never attended this activity before.
    • Considerations in front of the name there is a note in 'Considerations' (you find this in the superuser interface).
    • NextTerm in front of the name this person is already registered on a future activity (the next term).

Attendance participants skillsThis is the page showing the individual participants data.
If you have entered qualifications on group level this is also shown and handled here.