The search function is more or less global and is found under person button, Activity button, Area button (and a few other places where you hardly ever need it).

You search by pressing the Find button button in the left menu under the relevant main menu; for instance Person button. Now you can search in all fields, several combined or just one, with any text. You search in the blue fields on the row with the F button (Find) button as shown below.

Search function

You can search for entire words, parts of words or individual characters and so on. But try not to search for empty fields (basically means "Show me everything") or very broad searches like customer No '5'. The latter will result in a list of all persons in the database where there is the digit '5' in the customer No. And that is probably a lot!
You will get a warning though if your search results in more than 100 results. 

Example: Search for 'John Moxley'

You can search for almost any data like mobile phone number, street address or e-mail under the dedicated fields but for this example we will search by name.

As stated above you use the blue line when searching. Enter the entire name or parts of it. We fill in 'John' in the first name field but as we are not sure how to spell 'Moxley' we will only enter part of the name 'mo'.

Find form filled in

And hit 'Enter' or click on F button to see the result(s).

Find form results

Mark the appropriate line (in this case 'John Moxley') by clicking anywhere on that line in order to mark it with the dark blue frame.

Find form marked

Click on the Form button button in order to open up the Person page with John Moxley in focus.

Shortcut for finding a person (or an activity)

shortcutDoubleclick on the hash tag and you can type in the customer number directly in the now open field.
Hit Enter and you get the person in focus.