Under activity instructor you'll find a column named 'Instructor Type'.
This is used for different things such as

  • Schedules
  • Visibility on Timetable, Star Tracker and the like
  • Salaries
  • HR information
  • Reports

Overview and explanation

Name Color Included in the salary? Comment
Main  green  yes The green markings indicate the instructor/schedule is planned
Stand-in none yes
Sick  red  no The red markings indicate the instructor is absent
Absent  red  no
Trainee none no
Supervisor  green  yes
Assistant none yes
Student none no
Stand-by  yellow  no The yellow marking indicates the instructor is on duty but not present
VAB  red  yes Sweden
Office none yes
Vacation+  red  yes
Vacation  red  no
Inspiration none no
Stand-in-sick none yes Stand-in for a sick colleague
Stand-in-off none yes Stand-in for a colleague on leave
On-deck none yes
Absent-approved  red  no
Absent-not-approved  red  no
Hospitant none no Germany