Recurring payments and perpetual classes

Having on-going classes where the participants are registered until they actively opt-out is probably the easiest and most lucrative form of running your terms. Especially when combined with recurring payments. Do note though that this often forces you to run monthly terms which makes it possible for participants to opt-out with a months notice (as opposed to up-front payment for quarterly or bi-quarterly terms) and you might also end up increasing your administration.

Proactively offer participants a place for the coming term

When the time comes to start planning for the next term there will be multiple ways of handling it. Here we describe the method that gives you the by far best retention rate: Proactive offer for all current participants

Benefits of offering new slot for all participants

  • Your retention rate goes up. Probably by as much as 10-30 percentage points compared to 'first come first serve' sign-ups
  • You are in full control of the term and participants on the correct levels
  • Your customers are relieved of the anxiety during 'first come first serve'
  • It's much easier for your customers. They just pay and some might have to change day and time
  • It's better service

Downsides of offering all participants new slots

  • Your administrative workload with planning schedule and moving participants will increase

Suggestion for procedure

1. Evaluate and register

Evaluate and register all participants' level for the next term via Star Tracker. You will primarily use the buttons *1* *2* og *3* but you can enhance the control and information by also using qualifications. (See separate FAQ for the use of the Star Tracker.)

Evaluation 1
Click the 'Edit' button for the relevant participant and choose *1* for 'Move up to next level', *2* for continuing at the same level and *3* to end registration at the end of current term (please note that this terminates the current registration by setting 'end registration date' - Please see dedicated FAQ for details!)

Evaluation 2
In this example we choose *1* for 'Move up' and click on 'Save'

Evaluation 3
This inserts the shown text in the registration comment field. (If you want to change your choice just follow the same procedure again - Your last choice counts.)

2a. Pull the report 'Promotions group/activity'

Pull the report 'Promotions group/activity' for individual facilities to overview of the need for number of activities at the different levels/groups. This report can also show the entire company if you for some reason should want that.

In this report you find the sum of marked digits for the groups: Totalt number of participants in all the groups activities = 113, 70 move up to next level, 43 stay at the current level and 0 end their registration.
Note that if the numbers at 1, 2 and 3 doesn't add up to the total then certain participants level needs to be registered. In the example we have 70+43+0=113 so all participants are registered.

Under the activity-group you'll find information for every activity.

UppflyttGrupp FAQ

2b. Pull the report 'Promotions group/activity/participants'

Pull the report 'Promotions group/activity/participants' to run through or overview the situation for all participants.

In the top marking in the image you'll find the same information as the group in the previous example. In the same way you find information (underlined) for all activities.
The different is that in this report you'll find all individual participants with exact information on who's on which level. You use this individual information when you register the correct activity for the next term.

UppflyttGruppPerson FAQ

3. Register 'Closing Days'

It is important that you under 'Admin' 'Closing days' register all Holidays and other closed days for your business/facility before the schedule for the next term is registered. This will save you a lot of time and error correction.

4. Register the new schedule

Register the exact schedule for the coming term.

5. Adjust the schedule

Adjust the schedule for errors and changes

6. Copy all participants to the new activities (if you didn't include it in bullet point 4)

Go through all activities/participants levels from bullet point 2 and copy all participants to the new term via 'Activity' 'Registration' 'Copy Cust' where you can batch copy participants from each activity.

7. Quality Assurance

Go through everything for errors and corrections

8. Send invoices

Send all invoices via 'Admin' 'E-Invoice'

'Passive opt-out' according to rules in some countries

Note that you might have to give customers the option of passive opt-out to stay within the scope of consumer rules in several (European) countries.

When you have sent invoices you will experience participants who haven't paid by the due date. You can then send a polite and descriptive reminder for the unpaid invoices and when this second due date passes you un-register the unpaid registrations.

A tip for enhanced win-back is to collect (register on waitlist) all these un-registered people in a separate activity and then send service mails about the un-enrollment and how they can re-enroll in your school.