In the Star Tracker you have a visual schedule with daily overview for individual facilities

  1. Login to your Star Tracker
  2. Choose a facility and click 'Submit'
  3. Open the menu and go to 'Schedule'
  4. Choose a date (optional)

What is shown?

All activities with 'Timetable' checked will be visible


This information is shown

  • One facility
  • All areas
  • One day
  • The schedule per area
  • Lessons with the following details
    • Activity number and name
    • Instructor first name and initials
    • Number of registered participants
    • Number of available slots
    • Group color

On hover you see all details for the lesson

On hover


  • The lesson color is based on the color you have set under 'Group'
  • If no color is set the lesson will be gray


Change facility

To show a different facility please go to the menu, choose 'Attendance' and start over