Your front-desk staff now have one of the most powerful tools on the planet for handling attendance

This saves you, your staff and your company a lot of resources, improves customer service and at the same time ups the game for your competition.

All you have to do to get going is this

  1. Make sure 'Timetable' is set on all activities
  2. Login to your Star Tracker as usual
  3. Click the button Front-Desk button

Login Facility

Header buttons

What can I do and see?

  • Please see separate FAQ for the Star Tracker version
  • The 'Previous' button brings you to the previous activity's participants
  • The 'Next' button brings you to the next activity's participants
  • The 'Load more' button loads participants from one more activity in addition to that/those already on the screen. Just click multiple times to see many activities simultaneously
  • The 'Next' button will now function a little differently as it "moves" all activities one step forward (hides the participants from the first activity and shows the participants from the next activity). Use this function during the day in order to successively hide past activities.

We recommend using a FullHD monitor in the vertical position as depicted

For additional usability you could choose a touchscreen monitor.

Front-desk view

Participant cards, function

  • Background color indicates status. Red: Lesson is over. Yellow: Ongoing lesson. Blue: Lesson not started
  • The green button is used for marking attendance
  • Participants are sorted alphabetically by their first name
  • You will have to confirm before a participant is marked as present
  • Participants marked present will disappear from the view
  • Participants who cancelled their lesson is not shown
  • If you accidentally mark the wrong participant as present you'll have to switch to the Star Tracker, find the person and de-select the attendance
  • Click the button Star Tracker button to switch to the Star Tracker
  • If you want to "reset" the view you can easily do this by switching to the Star Tracker and back again

Participant cards, content

  • (1) Red background indicates the lesson is over
  • (2) Yellow background indicates the lesson is ongoing
  • (3) Blue background indicates the lesson has not yet started
  • Attendance button
  • Participant full name
  • Participant age
  • Participant customer number
  • (4) Registration remark
  • Participant icons (same as Star Tracker)
  • Lesson time
  • Activity name
  • Instructor
  • Area
  • Area color
Area color