Go to Person button

In the left menu click Payment button

Click the drop down menu under 'Reg. No' in the 'New' row as shown here.

Register payment

  • Choose the appropriate invoice (usually the one with an outstanding balance) by clicking on it.
  • Fill in at least 'Payment Date' (fill in 'now' for todays date) and 'Amount' on the same line and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard. (You can even insert a comment concerning this particular payment before or after you hit 'Enter'.
  • The payment is now registered!

Please be careful not to click outside the dark blue area before all information is entered or it will try to update with a resulting error due to insufficient data in one or more fields!

The finished result when payment is done in full. Note that you can register any amount and even several amounts on the same invoice.

Payment registration done