View of menu Person

Go to Person button as shown above.

If you register an adult payer and a child you start with the payer (parent). That way you will save a few clicks.

  • Click New button
  • Insert all relevant data for the payer ('Member date' is prefilled with 'Now' and will thus be registered with todays date).
  • If you use online registration and/or receipts by e-mail you must fill in a valid e-mail and tick 'Email invoice'!
  • When all info is in you click the OK button button (you can even hit 'Enter' on your keyboard to save the data).

If this person was also the participant (ie adult activities) you go directly to 'How do I register a customer for an activity?' in its own FAQ. If the participant is a child you continue below.

  • To register the child click Copy button if you have the payer in focus (or New button if you do not).
  • Fill all relevant data for the child. You must have a valid birthdate in order to register the child on activities with age restrictions!
  • You do not need to fill in address, e-mail, phone and the like as that is already registered under the payer.
  • In the field 'Payer' you either fill in the customer ID for the payer or you simply start entering the name in order for KeepTrack to search for him/her. You can even click Search button and perform a full search.
  • If you need to link the child to an additional person you fill in the 'Contact' field with this persons ID or name.
  • When all info is in you click OK button (you can even hit 'Enter' to save the data).

Next register the participant for an activity. Go to 'How do I register a customer for an activity?' in its own FAQ.