It's easy to copy all or some of the participants on one activity to another. This is handy when you want to register participants to the next term or register participants from many activities to one event or many other scenarios you can think of.
The activities you want to copy to have to be made before you start.

First of all the easiest way of doing this (especially if you have many activities) is to prepare before you start. You can do this by making a list of all the activity numbers you want to copy from and then note the corresponding activity number of the activity you want to copy to at each of them.

Go to Activity Registration and click on Copy to start the function

Here you see details on the activity you're copying from. You have the option of choosing the 'to' activity via the drop-down menus but the easiest and fastest way is by entering the number of the 'to' activity directly and hit 'Enter'.

This gives you details of the 'to' activity and a list of all the participants you can copy with their preset status suggestion on the 'to' activity. You can manually choose 'Registered' 'Waiting List' or 'Do not copy' for each person.

  • The list will start with everybody set to 'Registered' unless there are too few available slots which causes the rest of the list to be set to 'Waiting List'.
  • Participants with outstanding balance are shown in red text.
  • Participants with a credit are shown in green text.
  • Participants not marked for 'Registered' are marked with red background
  • Participants already registered on the 'to' activity are marked with read background and are not copied
  • Participants with 'End reg. time' set with a date before the new course start date will automatically be marked in yellow and 'Do not copy'
  • Participants who do not meet the age criteria will automatically be marked in yellow and 'Do not copy'

Choose the participants to copy, set the 'Payment Date' for all the registrations and click 'Copy Customers'

Please note

  • If there are prerequisites on the 'to' activity and these are not met this is not considered and participants are copied over