• First look up the participant under Person button by either customer ID or by searching.
  • Next under Registration button fill in the line shown here.

New registration

  • 'Customer', 'Payer' and 'Reg. date' (registration date) is prefilled.
  • Choose the activity by clicking Search to the right of the 'Activity' field which opens 'Find Course'. Find and click on the activity you want. This automatically fills in 'Price' and the 'Activity' field.
  • Fill in the desired fields 'Reg. method' 'Disc. Amount' (subtracts this amount from the total price), 'Disc. %' (subtracts this percentage from the price), 'Fee' (adds this amount to the price), 'Remark'.
  • Hit 'Enter' on your keyboard or click outside of the dark blue frame to update the registration.
  • NOTE: If the activity is full the 'Reg. date' automatically switches to the 'Waiting List Date' and the person is not registered for this activity. KeepTrack gives you a warning when this happens.

If the customer registers after the activity started

If the activity already started (or the customer is allowed to sign up later after the activity start date) you should set the 'Start reg time' as todays date (you can just punch in 'now') in order to reflect the actual start time for the customer and possibly adjust the price.

Leave the 'End reg time' empty.


Remember to get paid!

On the row containing the new registration you either click Print button for e-mail or paper invoice to the customer. (Note: If you choose to let the customer pay cash or with a credit card not linked to KeepTrack you will have to register the payment under Payment button in order to avoid wrongfully billing the customer again.)

Or you click PayPal button for point-of-sale with the customers choice of payment option on file. Via POS a receipt is automatically mailed to the customer (and the payment is automatically registered under 'Payment').