It is very easy for your customers to handle one or more credit cards directly in their online account via the menu 'My Payment Options'

Your staff can also handle this directly from the super-user interface

As a super-user you can handle the entire account for any person by clicking the 'Pay' button at any existing registration. Just choose in the menu. This includes taking payments, handling existing credit cards on file or adding new ones via 'My Payment Options'.

  1. Overview of credit cards on file
    My cards

  2. Handle existing cards
    Manage credit card

  3. Add a new credit card
    Add credit card

Easily collect credit cards

You can send out an e-mail with a link directly to 'My Payment Optiions' https://[yourDatabase] which sends the user to the login page and then directly to this page in order to enter a new credit card or handle existing ones.