It's very easy to take payments over the counter with the customers credit card on file directly from the super-user interface

  1. Find the person and registration you want the customer to pay and click on the 'PayPal' button
    POS Button

  2. If the invoice has no outstanding balance you will be informed
    Already paid

  3. You will be logged in as the owner of the invoice and with the outstanding balance
    Not paid

  4. Choose the payment method, choose one of the credit cards on file or add a new one
    Credit card on file Add credit card

  5. Agree to the Terms Of Sale and click 'Confirm' and you're done (the confirmation is sent to the customer)
    Thank you

You can handle the entire account

As a super-user you can handle the entire account for any person by clicking the 'PayPal' button. Just choose in the menu. This includes handling existing credit cards on file or adding new ones via 'My Payment Options'.