Use the same procedure as when registering activities

You can register participants for individual lessons when you need make-ups, trials or the like. Just do like this:

  1. Go to the participant and click find on the 'New' row
  2. Find any activity in the required group and click the calendar icon Calendar
  3. Click any day for the relevant month and week to see all lessons this week in the chosen group/level
  4. Click the lesson you want to register
  5. Change the price to 0 (zero) if the lesson is free
  6. Send confirmation/invoice to the customer by clicking Printer


This sets the 'Start reg. time' and 'End reg. time' to the corresponding lesson time.

You can only register participants on individual lessons when the activity has free slots (on this lesson).
Furthermore be aware that individual lessons booked will block registrations for the entire activity until after the lesson is over.