A general waiting-list is just an activity

Make a new activity and follow these steps

  • Set 'Max participants' to 0 (zero) to force all registrations to waiting-list. This is to 1) Prevent 'false positives' in registrations 2) Clearly list the registration as a waiting-list
  • Use once a week to avoid listing the wrong 'Closing days'
  • Use the exact same start and end time (ex 00:00-00:00) to avoid the time being displayed
  • Set an area on time-slots to connect the waiting-list to the facility it concerns

Time-slots with areas are necessary in order to connect the corresponding facility to the waiting-list. Furthermore you can either make a specific group for all waiting-lists or you can choose the relevant group to place 'open' waiting-lists in all/some specific groups.

General waiting-list