Your staff now have one of the most powerful tools on the planet for handling your 'stars'

This saves you, your staff and your company a lot of resources and at the same time ups the game for your competition.

All you have to do to get going is this

(Please note that not all features are necessarily available)

  1. Make sure 'Timetable' is set on all activities
  2. Go to https://[YourDatabase]
  3. Login with your company PIN code (or with your personal login if you have been given access)
  4. Choose the facility you are at
  5. Optional - Choose a specific area
  6. Optional - Choose a specific instructor

Login Facility

What can I do and see?

  • Please see separate FAQ for the Front-Desk version
  • The 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons bring you to the previous or next activity
  • The 'Load more' button loads one additional activity in addition to that/those already on the screen. Just click multiple times to see many activities simultaneously
Star Tracker

Activity header

  • Background color indicates status. Red: Lesson in the past. Yellow: Ongoing lesson. Blue: Lesson in the future
  • Activity number
  • Lesson time
  • Activity name
  • Instructor(s)
  • Area
  • Area color

Participant card

  • Participant name
  • Participant age
  • Participant indicators under the name:
    • 'Visitor' only present/registered on this single lesson (ex.: Make-up participant)
    • First time attending this activity
    • Considerations noted. Touch/click icon to read details
    • Participant is registered on next/future term
    • Participant is cleared for next level
    • All invoices, which have past due date, are paid (the payer has no outstanding balance)
    • All invoices are paid and there is outstanding credit
    • Participant birthday within the coming 6 days. Touch/click icon to see exact date
    • No payment options on file (Only applicable if you use credit card payments/direct debit via information on file)
    • Participant has end registration date set. Touch/click icon to see exact date
  • Attendance history (past 0-10 lessons)
  • Active attendance for present lesson:
    • Participant is present (click to toggle)
    • Participant is not present (click to toggle)
    • Participant has cancelled (and is not present)

  • Qualifications:
    • The qualification is not met
    • The qualification is not met and blocks the next level
    • The qualification is met
  • Comments from the registration comment field
  • Blue buttons:
    • Opens modal to register and comment qualifications

Comments page

Card modal

  • See the participant, the payer and contact full names and phone numbers
  • Mark or un-mark qualifications
  • Read additional internal information on marked qualifications
  • Write comments