'My Plan' gives you fast communication and less errors as staff and instructors can easily see a live and detailed overview of their work-day on their smart-phone.

Any scheduled person registered as an employee can see their plan


Staff access via online booking

Login to the online booking and choose 'My Plan' in the menu


The first page shows the coming month from today with off-days marked in yellow

  • You can choose another month via the date-picker
  • Off-days are marked in yellow
  • Link to map of work-place
  • All involved instructors during the shift/classes are listed
  • Start-time, end-time and duration of the shift is listed
Month view

Open the detailed day view via the clock button

  • Individual lessons/classes are marked in green
  • Breaks are marked in white (these are automatically inserted so no need to schedule breaks from the administration)
  • Name of the lesson/class
  • Area where the lesson/class takes place
  • Start-time, end-time and duration of the lesson/class is listed
  • Number of participants
  • Scheduled instructors and their role
Day view