Invoice information

Page 1 - The invoice

Page 1 contains payment information.


Page 2 - Information on the booking/activity

In page 2 you can merge information on the specific registration. One page (or more) for every registered activity or product.
The first paragraph is standard text from the system.

Additional paragraphs are merged in from 'Invoice info' in this order.

  1. Activity
  2. Group
  3. Area
  4. Facility

Invoice Activity

Invoice Group

Invoice Area

Invoice Facility

Invoice attachment

We recommend that you try to only use 'Facility' and 'Group' in order to save yourself from entering data everytime you make a new activity but you can of course even use 'Area' and 'Activity' when needed.

The 'flow' for the text is following the arrows: Text on 'Facility' is included in all activities, text on 'Group' is included in all activities under this group and text on 'Activity' is only included on this specific activity.

Invoice Text Flow

Formatting the text

You can format the texten on the invoice through these HTML tags/codes.

Gives you <b>Bold text</b> between the tags.

Line break<br>
where the tag is inserted.

Gives you a space (new paragraph)<br><br>

when you insert two tags.