You will find your online booking on the address https://[company-name] where it's already live.
You can always use or test version for reference

What you have to do is

  1. Register all the information needed for the setup
  2. Input all the information you need for facilities, groups and invoices
  3. Expose activities
  4. Place a link on your website or anywhere else you want it

Information for setup

Contact KeepTrack Support with the following information for setup

Information for facilities, groups and invoices

Input the following information in the super user interface

'Standard' information you want all customers to recieve should go under Facilities invoice-info.

Expose activities

You expose activities by filling in at least the 'Website End' date (this shows the activity online and removes it again at the given date).
The activity is exposed during the entire 'Website End' date and will disappear at midnight after this date.

Fill in the 'Website Start' date if you want the activity to be hidden for now but automatically go online at a given date.
The activity is exposed during the entire 'Website Start' date and will appear at midnight before this date.

So in other words: The dates you enter will be included in the exposure period for that activity

Online Activity Website US

Place a link on your website

You give your customers access to your online booking by placing a link on your website, in an e-mail or anywhere else you like.

Connect these links to a button, image or a text link in order to send customers directly to the page specified. (Replace [company-name] with the name we have given your app which is usually some variation/abbreviation of your company name.)

A text, button or image link should contain at least this code:

<a href="https://[company-name]" target="_blank">(Image or text)</a>