Sale of products/merchandise via your online booking

You can set a group to handle products instead of activities. That way you can sell all 'activities' under this group as products like swim suits, vouchers and so forth.

Product group settings

Product group

Fill in the name (Header button in your online booking), VAT, tick the 'Product' box and fill in 'Web info' (this is explanatory text in your online booking).

When you have registered this group for products (ticked the 'Product' box) all "activities" under this group can be booked several times. This is necessary if somebody wants to by more than one item of the same product ;)

Then you register an 'Activity' for each product and expose it in your online schedule as usual.

Product activity

Fields explained top down

  1. Name of your product. Include size if applicable - Shown in your online booking
  2. Choose the group 'Products' that you registered in the previous step
  3. Insert start and end date (here shown as 31/12 of the year the product is "valid" - For your bookkeeping it's a good idea to register a new activity each year)
  4. Set 'Website end' to expose the product on your online booking
  5. 'Max Particip' is set to the number of products in stock. That way you don't risk selling what's not in stock (your wait list settings are still applicable here)
  6. Price including VAT
  7. 'Web info' is shown as additional information for this particular product.
  8. It's further advised to fill in the field 'Invoice info' with relevant information for the buyer

If you want to note the facility on the product, for instance if it's a gym access card or the like, you simply register a lesson from 00:00-00:00 including the area on the activity. That will expose the facility on the product card online.

Product card with and without facility