Go to 'Admin' 'Qualification' to make new or alter existing qualifications

First go to to register all necessary qualifications before you can set these under 'Group'! Please note that it's important to set the 'R/W Rights' correctly for this to work!!

  • Empty field in 'R/W Rights' = Visible for Customers, Star Tracker and super-users
  • 'Attendance' in 'R/W Rights' = Visible for Star Tracker and super-users
  • 'Staff' in 'R/W Rights' = Visible for super-users


  • If you want to sort the qualifications in a certain order you insert a leading number in the qualification name (Ex.: '01 The first qualification', '02 The next qualification')
  • Text inserted under 'Remark' will show up after the qualification name under 'Person' and 'Group' and in the Star Tracker when you click the 'Edit' button on participants.

Go to 'Group' 'Qualification'


Under 'Group' you will find 'Qualification' which is where you control these for all your activities.

When you make the list containing all your qualifications for all your groups there are a few things you should notice.

  • You can run your business without setting these.
  • If you choose to implement this powerful tool you have two sets of qualifications: Prerequisites are mandatory to sign up for this level and Proficiencies are skills you acquire on this level.
  • If you set prerequisites for a group you must set the same qualifications as proficiencies for the preceding group on the lower level.
  • We highly recommend to set just one prerequisite per group/level along with the corresponding proficiency. Ie on level 4 you set 'Ready for level 4' as a prerequisite and on level 3 you set 'Ready for level 4' as a proficiency. That way only participants in level 3 with this "skill" can enroll to level 4. (Please note that you technically can use multiple prerequisites on one group/level but apart from complicating things unnecessarily you will also experience unwanted handling in different tools like the Star Tracker.)

This feature interacts with your online booking and with your Star Tracker. This is described elsewhere.

The chart below shows that with the written settings participants can only book according to the green arrows. New participants (without qualifications) cannot book anything but level 1 or 2 (please note that even the age span is controlling who can register).

FAQ Qualifications