VAT faq

How to handle VAT

Under 'Admin' 'VAT' you can insert new VAT rates or alter the existing ones.

  • The 'VAT' field is the text shown in the invoice and more
  • The 'VAT rate (%)' field is the actual mathematical rate used for all calculations
  • The 'Remark' field is for your convenience

Please note that VAT is always included in the price. You set the total price under 'Activity' and the invoice will handle the exposure of the VAT.

VAT Group faqOnce the VAT rates are in place you can set them under 'Group' where all activities under this group will have this VAT rate included.

Even though your business/product is VAT exempt we recommend you set the VAT rate explicitly at 0% instead of leaving the field blank. This shows your customers, accountant and other people what the rate is and thus avoids possible confusion.