• Register the employee under 'Person' and tick 'Employee'. Now this person will show up as an instructor on courses and every employee related report, schedules and the like.
  • Fill in 'Initials'.
  • In 'Person' 'Qualifications' it is possible to enter what we call "HR-qualifications". These are only viewable and writable by user accounts with 'Admin' or 'HR' rights.
  • In a new database you might not see the HR-qualifications you need. In that case you just make a list under 'Admin' 'Qualification' - Remember to set 'R/W Rights' to "Admin, HR".
  • A few suggestions for the list:
    • Contract
    • Employee handbook distributed
    • Monthly salary
    • Paid by the hour
    • Salary comment
    • Wage supplements, pension
    • Internal training (you might want to specify on individual lines)
    • External education
    • Workshops
    • Substitute
    • Supervisor

Pro Tip

When you insert your HR qualifications you can set an Asterisk '*' in front of the name (see example in the image below). That way you can easily distinguish between HR and customer qualifications in your everyday work.

HR Qualifications