Please contact support for opening, changing or closing super-user accounts. Just send an e-mail from an administrator with information on who the account is for and what rights you need.

You have several different user accounts with different levels of rights to choose from. Below are all accounts listed from highest to lowest level of access.

  • Administrator - Has all rights.
  • HR - Has the same rights as 'Trusted' plus all HR-data.
  • Trusted - Has access to everything except database administration, financial key figures and HR-qualifications.
  • Staff - Can see 'Person', 'Activity' and 'Reports', cannot delete anything, can register new customers, sign customers up for activities, register correspondence, qualifications and attendance, can change customers data except payments and can print some reports.
  • Accountant - Has the same rights as 'Guest' but can also see financial reports.
  • Guest - Can only read data. Can read the same data as the 'staff' account.