Keys with global functions

Enter will force a save of your work to the server.

Hit the Esc key once or twice to undo what you have done in the form field you have in focus.

Tab moves focus to the next form field.

Shift+Tab moves focus backwards in the form fields.

Date fields

If you write "now" in a date field, todays date will automatically be added.

Deleting entire records or other information

Overall you can only delete records according to your account privileges and even then you will be presented with a warning before deletion.

The accounts 'guest' and 'staff' cannot delete entire records only information in certain fields.

Changing data

You can change data directly in the form fields. Even in sub menues, search pages and so on.

Saving changed and new data

Press Enter or switch to a new field (in sub menues) or a new record (in main windows).

Mandatory fields and syntax

Some fields are mandatory to fill in and some fields have a mandatory syntax for the content (ie time is registered 'hh:mm' like '10:30'). If you do not meet these criteria you will get an error message.