You find this under 'Admin' 'Payment'

The following file types are available

  • FIK 71 & 75 - Denmark
  • BankGirot - Sweden
  • AutoGiro - Sweden
  • BGMax - Sweden
  • OCR Giro - Sweden
  • SEPA Direct Debit - EU
  • MT-940 CSV - Germany

Have your file ready

  1. Choose the correct input format
  2. Upload the file from your computer
  3. Submit payments

Payment file 1


You will get a confirmation telling you the status of the transactions

Payment file 2


If there are one or more errors those payments will be marked with red dots accordingly. The errors below are due to the user trying to upload the same file a second time.

Payment file 3

Caution: Errors in 'MT-940 CSV' files

Due to the technical nature of the 'MT-940 CSV' files, errors will unfortunately not be indicated with red. In this case you have to "find" the missing row numbers. Ie see the example above where rows 2, 3, 4 and 6 are successful. This means that row 5 and possibly everything after row 6 is not registered!

In this case you have to open the original file in a text editor and manually inspect the missing rows and register these accordingly via 'Person' 'Payments'.