When you plan internal courses, education, parties or the like you can easily handle invites, online or offline registrations, attendance, salaries and more via KeepTrack.

This is a one time setup

  • Register one single qualification called something like ‘Qualified For Internal Workshops’ or the like


  • Register this qualification on all active staff members (remember to handle this when staff is hired or leaving)


  • Register one group for internal activities: 'Staff Activities' or the like
  • Register the above qualification as a prerequisite on the group


The prerequisite blocks registration to only include approved staff and you can now even open up the activities for online booking where customers can see the activities but only staff can register.
You can even register multiple qualifications if you need to split the staff into groups of different rights like 'Education', 'Conference' and the like.

Activities without salary

If the activity is non-paid (ie a party) you handle it like any other activity.


  • Make a new activity
  • Choose the internal staff group
  • Set start and end date
  • Set the price to zero (if it's free!)
  • Set the max participant limit if applicable
  • Register the timeslot with time, place and even responsible 'instructor' if applicable
  • Insert all relevant information in 'invoice info'
  • Register all relevant staff as participants
  • Send the invitation as a regular invoice with all relevant information included. You can even use the e-mail function with dedicated attached PDF
  • (alternatively you can place the activity on your online booking and let staff sign up via this)
  • Open the activity on your online booking and let staff cancel the 'lesson' via 'My Bookings'. Note that this works just as well for a weekend event where staff can cancel one day and participate the other
  • All information can be communicated directly on this activity via e-mail or text
  • At the actual event you can take attendance as usual and also use the timetable

Paid activities

paid activity

  • Register the activity like described above...
  • Register all staff members as instructors with the relevant instructor type (this places the event in the 'My Plan' for all staff)
  • Send invitation via e-mail
  • If a staff member cancels you move their registration to wait list
  • Adjust instructor types according to reality on the actual event ('Absent' and so forth)

Note that you now have all salary information readily at hand from the registered instructor type!

(Free) activities with customers

  • If you run master classes or the like, where you need 'regular' participants like families, you handle these activities as regular activities open for participants to book online.
  • Staff is then handled like instructors no matter whether the event is paid or not. Salary is controlled via the instructor type