If you have several different sports

...your customers can sort these in the online schedule

Group filter

Group header open

The schedule page shows 'All sports' by default

How do I start?

  1. Contact support in order to open the feature
  2. Contact support with the list of options for the drop-down (optional). If you use several languages we recommend you use your main language for these options
  3. Go to 'Group' and set the 'Header' to the desired choice as shown below. All activities under the group will take this setting

Group settings

What is visible in the drop down menu?

Please note that only relevant choices are shown to the customer. So even if you have 5 different choices the drop-down will only show the relevant choices from exposed groups. That way you never present empty choices for your customers.

Also note that activities without any header are always shown in spite of chosen filter. This ensures that for instance your products are shown on all schedules