Contact Support

If you want to add an annual or monthly fee for your members you will first have to order this at Support.

If you want discounts then you can include the 'membership group' in the regular automated discounts as they can be used here as well. Discounts are described in their own FAQ.

Once Support has initiated the feature you need the following setup

  • A dedicated membership group (Support will usually facilitate this and you never have to alter this again). This controls the automation, the header name and the VAT. Ticking the 'Administrative' box is optional and has no effect on membership.

  • Dedicated activities under the membership group to cover the periods you charge for. The start and end date (as marked) controls which activities are added membership fees (note that the fee can bee set to zero if you want the membership to be free).

  • Mark all groups you want to incur this fee on in the field 'Req Membership'
    Require membership


The automated sign-ups (and billing) begins on the start date you set in the membership activity. So if you set January 1st everybody is enrolled from that date.

The time span (start and end date) you set in the membership activity controls the addition of membership fee when a customer enrolls in an activity that's running within that time span - So it has nothing to do with when the customer signs up for an activity! Ie. You set the membership start date to 1/1 2019. A customer signing up for an activity running during December is not added to the 2019 membership. Another customer signing up for an activity running during January is added to the 2019 membership.

It's all automated

Once this is set up it runs automatically for both super-users and self-service via your online booking