Before your customers can register for makeup lessons you have to register how this is controlled

You have to contact Support in order to get the feature 'turned on'

Next you follow the steps below to control which groups are open for makeups

  1. Go to 'Group'
  2. Find the group where cancellations entitle participants for makeups
  3. Mark the 'Make-up lessons' box (marked #1 in the image). Mandatory if you want to turn on makeups for this group
  4. If you want participants to be able to register makeups in any facility tick the box 'All facilities' (marked #2 in the image).
  5. - or select the facility (usually 'Same facility only')
  6. Under the lower menu item 'Make-up Groups' you now have to choose one or more corresponding groups under 'Make-up activity group' (marked #3 in the image) where the participants can register makeups (it's usually just the same group as the one where the cancellations entitle makeups). Note that this setting is mandatory if you want any makeup lessons to be open for participants.

That's it. You're now ready to inform your customers

Rules for makeups

Keep an eye out for changes as we will successively expand the possible settings.

  • This feature is 100% customer self-service - There is no administration on your part
  • Makeups can only be booked towards cancelled lessons and will therefor not block new paying customers from signing up for activities with free slots
  • Only Makeup lessons running at least 24 hours after the cancellation lesson can be booked (you can set the number of days/hours - Contact us if so)
  • A cancelled lesson lives for 30 days after the lesson (you can set the number of days - Contact us if so)
  • Within the time frame (30 days) you can even book makeups that are outside of this time frame
  • Under group you have to set 'Same facility only' which means a cancellation only entitles a makeup in the same facility
  • Makeups can only be registered in the group(s) you define under 'Make-up groups' (usually you would only choose the same group)
  • Makeups can only be booked if other participants have cancelled lessons on different activities within the same group
  • If a customer is entitled to makeups in more than one group, available makeups will show and can be booked in any of these groups
  • The check-box 'Ignore balance check' should not be ticked. (This is for later features where you'll be able to set dedicated makeup activities without regular participants and thus no cancellations.)

Please note the following on potential pitfalls

You will potentially encounter weird behavior if you do any of the following via the super-user interface which is why we recommend you do not do this

  • An Administrator deletes a cancellation
  • An Administrator changes the timeslot date/time
  • An Administrator sets cancellations outside of the participants registration period
  • An Administrator sets cancellations on a waitinglist
  • An Administrator switches a registration to a waitinglist

Note that this can only be done by super-users and not by the participants.

Note that this will not break anything but mainly register more cancellations than the participant is actually entitled to.

Very long grace period warning

Your customer has a certain amount of time where a cancelled lesson is valid for a makeup. We call this the grace period. This period is usually 30 to 60 days. Please note that if you change the grace period to anything above this it might cause the below issues. This is a collection of feedback from companies with longer grace periods (up to 365 days).

  • You will have people taking makeups who are no longer customers.
  • You will experience cases that are confusing for the customer (and possibly for you).
  • You will have people taking makeups on different levels because they leveled up during the grace period.
  • You will initially see an increase in owed makeups.
  • You will have more owed makeups but not more available slots for users to choose from.
  • You might experience more customer contact regarding makeups
  • Your attendance rate for makeups will possibly be lower than today.
  • And possibly a range of other issues.

Registered makeup lessons will turn up in your Star Tracker

Star Tracker

See how makeups work for your customers

Feel free to send this video to your customers for an easy way of promoting your app