Your timetable is a powerful tool to ensure your staff and customers always have direct access to on-going and up-coming activities live in your facility.

Once setup you can forget about the technical side as your timetable is always updated with the latest schedule right where you need it.

Timetable Monitor


  • Time and date
  • Instructor first name and image for ongoing lessons
  • Ongoing lessons marked in yellow and coming lessons marked in blue
  • For every lesson the following information is visible
    • Start time
    • Activity name
    • Instructor first name
    • Area name
    • You can even have visual color codes for your areas

Good to know

  • The Timetable only shows lessons if the activity is marked for 'Timetable'
  • If the monitor looses Internet connection there will be a clear indication of this and the Timetable will pick-up when the connection is regained.
  • The Timetable refreshes every 60 seconds on the minute
  • The Timetable shows the upcoming 48 hours
  • You can even show the Timetable on a vertical monitor if you have many lessons
  • The Timetable can be viewed on virtually any device