Go to 'Facility' and click 'New' in the left menu.


The name and the GPS coordinate (shown in the red boxes) are mandatory but we highly recommend you also fill in information under 'Web Info' (information shown in your online booking) and 'Invoice Info' (general information shown in your invoices attachment) as shown in the orange box.

When you have entered all information you can move to 'Area' and register one or more areas for your new facility. You need areas in order to actually use your facilities ;)

In order to register a new facility you need to know the Lat/Long GPS coordinate for the location as this is mandatory (the coordinate ensures the facility is visible on the facility page in your online booking).

Go to https://www.latlong.net/convert-address-to-lat-long.html and follow these steps

  1. Enter the address of the facility
  2. Click 'Find'
  3. Copy the 'Lat Long' from below the map
  4. Insert the copied coordinate (55.613324,12.976362) into KeepTrack under 'Facility' 'Lat/Long'
Find lat long