If you login as 'guest', 'staff' or 'trusted' the first thing you will see is the 'Person' page which we explain in detail further down. The exact content varies in accordance with your account rights.

The 'Person' page

Top menu

The top menu is where you choose what topic you want to work with. Short description:

Person buttonHere you handle customers, payers, instructors and all other porsons.

Activity buttonHere you handle all your different activities like lessons, workshops, camps and the like.

group buttonHere you handle the overall division of your activities ie 'Swim school' and 'Camp'.

area buttonHere you handle the exact areas where your activities are taking place.

facility buttonHere you handle the overall division of your areas. Ie the building or address where your business is taking place/where your customers or members go.

reports buttonThis button takes you to the different kind of reports available for your business.

admin buttonOnly available to administrators.

logout buttonActively logs you out and terminates your session.

user guide buttonBrings you to the FAQ :-)

indicator buttonIndicates with red movement when the server is active.

language buttonHere you can toggle between the available languages. TRICK: When you toggle this you force an update of the database.

Left menu

The left menu is described in an FAQ of its own.